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1000 islds anyone?

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Spend alot of time running up and down the st lawrence. Anybody on this forum in this area, or have visited it? Have met many people from N.Y. over the last 3 years, maybe your one!;)
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Good to hear from you, I thought I was the only one who runs that area. Where in Rockport are you staying, my parents live down there. Next time you head to the bay let me know, we can show you the best locations to drop anchor, along with 50 or so other boats.
Hey Hammer I know that spot, small little town but if your there to fish you'll have fun. Sounds like you know of the two biggest spots to anchor, there are many more. It all depends on how many boats we are with and the direction of the wind, there are some pretty remote and hidden coves. We'll be there in August for the big poker run also there is one out of A bay in June or July, can't remember, Buddy of mine is getting married that weekend.

Tom, Alexandria bay is probably your best location, lots of hotels and motels if you don't sleep in you boat. Rivers Edge is the best by far. At night A bay is one big street of many bars at the town dock, gets pretty interesting. You'll want charts if you don't know the water,everybody is pretty friendly. Let me know if and when you are comming around and we'll hook up, show you the best 1000 isld can offer, you won't regret it
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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