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2001 358 on Ebay!!!

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Nice 2001 358 on ebay... if I had enough garage, I'd go after it!

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been removed :rolleyes:
Wounder what happened to the add :confused:
There it is . It looks nice. Go for it, you can awlys add to your garage. :D
I know of two 358's for sale. One with 496HO's and the other with 500's
We'll get into a 358 at some point.... Right now, we have to move due to neighbor problems. Either moving locally with BIGGER garage or heading down to Lake Norman area..... Awaiting pricing from a builder along with my wife looking for work in Norman area. Which ever happens first is where we're going!

Our 31 will have to do for a while!!!

Also in the mean time, I'm going to try and figure out all I've been hearing about the porpoising issues with the 358! My buddy has a 26 and it porpoises between 40-50mph religously! I had been out on 1 358 and though only out for a short period, never noticed any issues. But, I continue to hear about this problem. Been on the 386 a bunch of times, but it's more than I want to tow around on a regular basis...... again, I've got time ahead of me....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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