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280 K-Plane Installation - Hydraulic Lines

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I've purchased a 280K Plane kit to install on my 271. It came with the two pumps, wiring harnesses and the actual K-Planes. What it didn't come with are the hydraulic lines. Are there any specific types of hydraulic lines which should be used for marine use (i.e. this application)?
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The hose length would vary depending on where you mounted your pumps. Figure that out, then get them made.
It would be easiest for you to take on of your through hull fittings to a Parker hose store or anyone in your area that makes hyd. lines. It has an inverted flare inside each end. I think it's 3/16" but I'm not 100%.

Thanks- I called Mercury today and they were little help. They wanted a kit number and couldn't make recommendations! I'm going to get a kit number and see if they can let me know what they used. I know what my old Benett trim tabs used (plastic lines) and I know they are not as high pressure as a loader, but heck what do I need for their K-Planes? Anyway, if anyone has any ID/OD and pressure/material specs, that would be great. I am going to keep searching also.
The line is -3 (3/16") steel braided with teflon liner. Your local hyd. place will have it.

You can also use -4 and put adapter fittings in the ends. -4 is a more common line that will be in stock.

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