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3 dogs are at the vet awaiting their fate.
The 1st dog asks what you here for? Well I'm a chewer.I chew everything in site. I chewed my owners slippers,and his carpet,and a envelope with money in it.
So what you in for ? My owner is now fed up and is having me put to sleep.

He asks the 2nd dog,what you here for.? Well I'm a digger. Idig all over the place. THe last thing I dug was the stuffing out of my owners couch.
So what you in for. Well my owner is so fed up he is having me put to sleep.

He asks the 3rd dog,what you here for. Well it seems I'm a humper. I hump all day and everything in site. The other day my owner was in the shower,bent over,and I started doing what I do best.

So what you in for? My owner's getting my nails trimmed:laugher:

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HEY!! Back off - besides Uncle Paul would end up with another puppy before he let you do anything to him......and that won't happen anyways, he is my dog -----remember!!

And I am not going anywhere either!! So do get no ideas!!
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