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383 prop help

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My engine is finally running good and now dealing with prop headaches. Currently have 21" vengeance prop reving 5800rpm with best top speed of 66mph with just under half tank of fuel, tried 21" mirage and got 64mph at 5800rpm, tried 22" bravo 1 and got 63 mph at 5600rpm. With full tank of fuel (54gal.) vengeance gets 63mph at 5800rpm and just bought 23" mirage (thought it was the one) and got 65mph at 5300rpm, so it is the fastest but I loose about 500rpm out of the hole, thats a little sluggish for me. My max engine horsepower is at 5400rpm, so wondering if anybody has any experience with turbo, michigan wheel, turning point or hydromotive. I wonder if a 22" 3 blade or if I lab finished my 23" mirage is the way to go. Don't need any more bow lift got lots already. Just trying to find the perfect prop like everybody else, thanks for any help!
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