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4 day work week... new trend across america

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Anyways I was watching some news show last night. they were talking about how many companies are switching to a 4 day 10 hr work week to help cut down on employee driving expense.

I never really thought about this but now that I have I really like the idea.

#1 I would love it because it makes for a longer weekend. who doesnt like that

#2 depending on your commute it could save the avg guy a little chedder for a rainy day. I remember way back when I had a commute of over 50 miles. Driving a truck getting 16 mpg sucks. It would save over 600 per year.

#3 It may help drive the cost gas down. (yeah it would probably only be temporary but hey i still get a 3 day weekend)

#4 Did I say a 3 day weekend.....
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Almost every police department has moved to 10 or 12 hour shifts. The problem for the employee is it reduces overtime....but good for the employer.
I've been working 4/40 for a few years now. The longer days can wear on ya if you have a long commute but that extra day off makes it all worthwhile. Just a few months ago we got this new policy and i had to go back to a 5/40 but now I get to work from home 2 days per week :D A lot of people I know are starting to do it. I hope it catches on a lot more.
I am the HR manager now, and have brought this up, unfortunately my boss is a p r i c...... anway, we are going to give it a shot, but you can't take Monday or Friday.

This can be a huge moral booster, as well as a green initiative.

Hey, I'll take a Wednesday any day.
My wife works 4 10's a week, cuts down on driving and 1 less day at Daycare for our son. :D
I worked 4/10's on night shift and hated it. :angry1:
I have worked them just a couple times on day shift but never really had enough time to get adjusted and see if it works any better.

So far I like my 5/8's starting at 6:30 am and I'm outta there before it gets miserably hot. :bigsmile:

Our contract allows for 4/10's and a lot of people do that but 5/8's are negotiated so I can't be forced to work 4/10's if I don't want them :bigsmile:
I`d like to work 10-3 on Mondays and then take a 6 day weekend.
I've worked 4-10's for about 4 yrs. I love it!!!!!

Makes it real easy to head out for Poker Runs on Thursday night!!!! :D :D
DonMan said:
I`d like to work 10-3 on Mondays and then take a 6 day weekend.
Donnie if you worked 10-3 that would 95% more work than you do now :clown: :clown: :laugher: :laugher: :laugher: :laugher:
DonMan said:
I`d like to work 10-3 on Mondays and then take a 6 day weekend.

Ok. Great. When do we start. :laugher: :laugher: :laugher: :laugher:
Back in 2004 I started working 7am to 5pm Mon- thurs and I love the long weekends.. Over the winter I had to go back to 7am to 3pm and enjoyed the extra 2 hrs more after work but once you get use to Fridays off every week and not taking a vacation day its so worth it..

I dont think its a great fit in all jobs but for me its great and my partner takes his day off on the monday so the coverage is always there... On a week when there is a holdiday we just go back to 8 hrs for the balance of the week...'

This will def save $$ for fuel and daycare for some familys and its one less lunch to pay for during the work week..
FA18Driver said:
Donnie if you worked 10-3 that would 95% more work than you do now :clown: :clown: :laugher: :laugher: :laugher: :laugher:

Shhhhhhhhhh . . .

Don`t tell my boss. :cool:
I see our beloved Governor here in MI recommends that we embrace this as an ingenious way to combat fuel costs...
She must be a G D genious!!!!!!
Jennifer Granholm :mad: :( :confused:
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