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454 gen IV topend

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This is a complete topend just took it off my motor, no parts have been cleaned or machined, sold as is the motor had 1000 hrs on it and was working fine when removed, have yet to start the rebuilt one though. asking $500.00 for the lot, it includes the heads, man, cam, carb, push rodds 4" stroke, valve covers, merc ignition, water pump pully, hoses that are not in bad shape, dis and new cap, water thermo crossover, and what ever is left over from this rebuild. I live is South Jersey Zip 08319, this stuff is heavy so you might want to make this one a pick-up. E-mail me and I will send Pic [email protected]


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I hope this number helps: 14092360, they came off a 1990 boat but I believe the motor was built in 1989. They are off a 7.4L, not an H.O.
14092360...86-90...oval...OPEN...454 Truck, "peanut" round ports
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Sorry, I dident see that link it was an oversite on my part. I will have it corrected this weekend I'am on a hotel computer and the parental controls are blocking most of the links so if you would please just delete the thread and I will relist it in the classifieds when I get home on the weekend. Thanks sorry for the mix up.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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