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460 Ford - Engine Cold - Doesn't Idle

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Here's a quick question for anyone that my able to assist.

I have a 1989 241 Liberator w/ a 460 Ford.

So far this season I have:
1. Change Outdrive Grease
2. Changed Oil & Filter
3. Changed Fuel/Water Separator
4. Replaced Fuel pump.

Since this has been done, all of a sudden my engine doesn't run well (stalls under 4k) until the oil is up to operating temperature. Basically I have to keep the engine revving at 4k rpm until I get it there. After that the engine runs perfect.

Any suggestions ? I'm planning on rebuilding the carberator this week.

I just think it's odd that this didn't happen before I did some maintanence on the boat...but having a boat with 230 hours total....I wonder what kind of junk is in my fuel tank. (I've already went though all the dirty/old gas this season) Maybe I should replace the fuel/water separator again since the one I took off appeared to be from 1989.
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I'm going to check the choke plate tonight. Hopefully that is it.
Red Ryder said:
I'm going to check the choke plate tonight. Hopefully that is it.
I would check that first. It is also very possible you knocked something off why you were in there working. Glance over everything to double check.
Last night I just played with the choke plate and everything seemed to function properly.

After opening it a few times I started her up and of course it ran perfect.

Another random unexplained issue.

Strange.....But atleast it didn't cost me anything !!
Red Ryder said:
Strange.....But atleast it didn't cost me anything !!

That is strange for a boat :laugher: :laugher:
wire the choke open and see if it runs normally before opening up the carb. my 454 used to do the same thing, wired the choke open, three pumps cold, run at 1200 rpm for warm up and let her fly.
just a suggestion.
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