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502 EFI won't start

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My engine wont start . When I turn on the key I dont hear that alarm noise and I only get a click sound on top the motor near the rear of engine . Any ideas as to what the problem is ? Or what I can do to fix it ?
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Check your main engine harness that is on the rear of the engine. Sometimes they come loose.
Check ur voltage reading battery might be to low. I had that problem with a few cars.
There is a small solenoid by the engine circuit breaker that then sends the power to the starter solenoid.I bet the small solenoid is bad.Tap it with a screw driver handle and it might come back to life.
Thx guys , I did check that main harness with all the wires going to it . It is tight and connected and the dual purpose batteries 2 ( 1000MCA,s) are fully charged . So I will try the tapping of the solenoid . I'm thinking that might be the culprit cause that is where the clicking noise is coming from . Ill let you know on that in a couple of days .
Hey Greggcellent,
It happened to me. I'll bet that is the culprit. They are not very expensive and not too bad to change out. Mine is in a tight spot that made it a little troublesome but not too bad. I saw you are from central Ohio. Where do you boat? I pretty much stay on Indian Lake as I have a place, and a dock there.
Hi 23 , I usually boat at Buckeye Ocean . I live in Pickerington so It's a convenient drive especially late night .LOL. Never boated Indian Lake , been by it a lot by car . I'll have to hit that lake sometime for a change .
Check that the wires are tight on the starter, and battery connections are good. The EFI's are touchy if not good connections.
You can bypass that selonoid with a screwdriver or jumper for testing purposes. Don't forget to verify that you have a good ground on the back of your bellhousing to battery's.
Hi Greggcellent,
I have never boated on Buckeye. I have heard about it, but never tried it out. Is it a deep lake? How large? Places to eat and drink on the water? May try it out sometime. Our lake patrol has been getting pretty agressive lately but their not as bad as years past. I also think the older I get the more I worry about that.
Hey 23 , Buckeye is a shallow lake . 18 ft maybe in one or 2 spots . But mostly shallow. If you respect the lake and watch your depth finder you should be OK .The lake is bout 7 miles long and 1 and 1/2 mile wide .

Prolly a dozen bars and restaurants to dock up on . Lots of live music , good food and partying going on . Lake patrol is there but the rule of thumb is keep your beverages in a cup and who is to know what it is .

Fun lake ,,I've seen hot air Ballons drop down and dip into the lake . I've even seen helicopters drop down and race boats .It's a nutty lake fer sure . They have Bed and Breakfast located on the lake with docks and hotels in the area .And 2 sandbars to anchor on and get wet .

And thx guys for all the suggestions on my problem . I will check out the ideas you provided .
Well the selenoid doesnt' explain why the alarm doesn't sound when he turns the key on does it??
Rock Steady said:
Well the selenoid doesnt' explain why the alarm doesn't sound when he turns the key on does it??
No, but a corrosion on the connections of the main engine harness could cause both syptoms. Hmm.

I know you said you checked to make sure the connector was tight, but did you happen to unplug it and see if the connectors looked good? I would loosed up the hose clamp and unplug it and plug it in a few times to see if you have a bad connection.
If you take a look at a wiring diagram you can see excactly which pins you need to look at.

I looked up under my dash and wiggled the wires to the alarm and it works fine now .Just a little corrision . I had to replace my battery switch cause it was getting some Krusty movement also . So now I get a good strong current to the electronics . And wound up replacing the solenoid by the computer . She's good to go now . Thx again for your replys guys .
Donzi18 said:
I had a similar problem that is now resolved - check this thread - http://www.donzi.net/forums/showthread.php?t=53098

I had this same problem back bout 10 years ago . I had to pull the main powerplug apart and used a ice pick to spread out the prongs in the plug and then plugged it back together . those plugs can be a pain if there not getting a good tight fitting connection .
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