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67 mph chaparral villan II

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Hi all I'm new to the boards. I don't know if this is the correct place to post this but I'll give it a try. I'm going to look at my first power boat tomorrow. Hopefully to purchase. Any advice as to what to look for would be great I'll give you as much info on the boat as I know. The boat is an '87 Chaparral villain II. The boat has a built Chevy 350, new mercruizer outdrive and was always trailered never left in the water. New interior in '05, has a bimini top, two props (owner says one prop for pulling 50 mph, and one for top end speed 67mph or so) The Boat has only been in fresh water in MI its whole life. The owner has had it for years he used to work for GM experimental engine development and now builds circle track race motors. He built the motor in this boat. It has one step larger comp marine cam, big block carb (850cfm?) headers, 5" bologna cut stainless exhaust. He says it sounds mean. He said the outdrive is an Alpha 1. He bought it because the old one had water in the oil because the oil because the seals were gone. He also owns an automotive interior shop and redid the interior. He removed the swim pad and built a dog box for the motor and installed four new chairs from overtons. He has owned this boat for 10 years or so. He said the boat needs a wax and vacuumed. He said it was stored indoors every winter. Price is $5,900. Like I said any advice when looking at this boat would be helpful thanks.
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Oh, almost forgot he said it's a deep V and does great in big swells on Lake MI. He said no problem with 4 footers. It blue books $4,430 low to $5,000 average.
Numbers sound way off for the props and the motor. I dont know what size boat it is but with a 350 cant be that big. 4 foot waves are pretty big. The waves would be almost higher then your boat.
He said 21.5 ft but I've only found info on 19ft ones. I don't know how long it is. He said it does real well in rough water.
Keep looking , there's better out there.
21' boat with a 350 is more likely to see "or so" than it is "67" :rolleyes:
It hasn't been kept up well enough for the interior to survive so that begs the question just how bad was the exposure???????

I'd rather someone changed the interior because of style, color etc but if it was due to wear, cracking rotting etc then the whole boat was exposed to the same thing.
He said there was a crack on the swim pad so that is why he "redid" the interior. Could I find any thing this size that is nice for this price? I don't have a lot of money to work with (6k or so) I'm just trying to get my foot in the door. I'm only 26 so with the house, truck and 3 cars this is all my budget allows for. Any info would be great.
Any more advice?? What should I look for when I go and see the boat? I know spider webbing in the hull but that's about all I know to look for. What else?
Pull one of the screws holding the drain plug housing (should be 3 phillips head screws). If water drips out of the screw hole, dont buy the boat. These older boats have wood cored transoms (the back of the boat) and stringers (ribs that run the length of the boat to give it strength). Rotted wood is the most common issue with older boats and its a very expensive repair. I knwo your on a budget but the best thing to do would be to have a survey done prior to purchase. A surveyor will go over the whole boat and give you a report of the condition. Shoud run about $300 and could save you thousands. Seriously consider it especially as a new boater who hasnt developed an eye for potential issues.

PS. That screw you pulled needs sealant (3M 4200)
Wow thanks for the input. I think I may spend the $$ and have it surveyed thankyou. I'll keep everyone posted.
I spent 7400 on mine and the boat is in MINT shape. Interior, exterior and motor. (only a 2in scratch on the entire boat) Granted its not all out performance but it gets me to the high 50's for now. I'm in the same boat as you, 27, House, truck ,3 cars and getting married Saturday.. I would reallly keep looking. Market is excellant now and people are dumping them.
57 would probably be exaggerating top sped for that rig. I have seen quite a few for sale. Usually rough rigs in my area. Somewhat similar to 211 Liberators. Happy shoppin' and good luck
IamTank said:
He said no problem with 4 footers.

Don't fall in love with the first boat you look at. Sometimes paying more up front will pay off in the long run.
I'm finding that out as I look found a 211 Liberator for $7,500 looks like it is in great shape and it's a '90. I may go look at both. I haven't seen the Chaparral yet.
I would look some more. That boat still sounds like it was worked over a lot - and that top speed doesn't sound right either, but who knows? Maybe he's measuring the swells horizontally... :D :D Also remember that great car engine builders don't always make great marine engine builders.

You can probably find a decent Formula or Baja in that price range...
A Villain II is 20'-21' with the swim platform, or 19' without. It is a smaller lighter boat than the V3. Depending on how "built" that 350 is, 67 mph is possible. If you could tell us what pitch prop is on it and how many RPMs the owner says it spins with the prop, then we could tell you if 67 mph is reasonable. In any case, the HP necessary to go that fast probably would shorten the life of that Alpha outdrive (they aren't the most solid to start with.) Let me check my old Chapparral literature and see if I can find any useful data on the V2.
the small Villians have a very shallow hull and they are pretty fast even with a 350, you wouldnt want to be anywhere near a 4ft wave with one however. Obviously you need to see the boat first and then go from there. It might be in great shape or might be a heap. If it looks good then go ahead and investigate further as it would be a good deal. Im thinking its gonna look like dog-doo with a homemade interior and seats from overton.
I agree 67 is possible with the right engine. I had a Villain II and I think it was 19'6". It had a 350 in it and I think it ran about 60. I think the deadrise was about 20 degrees but I am not sure. As far as the interior it's a 20 year old boat!

I would definitely look at the Lib. People in Michigan seem to take great care of their Libs for some reason. I boat with 3 or 4 of them and they are all MINT.

I also agree about the 4 footers. That is a stretch. It will handle chop okay though. The Lib will be better in bigger water.
My 1990 brochure shows the V2 at:

LOA - 20'6"
Centerline - 19'3"
Beam - 8'0"
Weight - 2600
Fuel - 47 gal
Max HP - 275 (whatever...)
Deadrise - 17
Draft DN/UP - 31" / 15"
A Villain II is 19' a Villain III is 22. The villain III came with a Merc 300 Tempest. (350 Chevy) it was also available with a rare 454 hooked up to an Alpha. My friends would run 63 with the 300 Tempest and the big block ran I think 58 with the extra weight in the back. The V III is the way to go. I have a Video coming out of Muskegon channel with 4'-6' rollers. we hit them at about 35-40 mph and stopped in our tracks after the 4th one. I'll to post it. quite funny
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