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I just sent this email over to Throttle Up with all my info, but was curious on your opinions as well:

"I have a '95 Chaparral 2130SS with the carb'd 454 w/ Bravo1 @ 1.5 ratio. I currently have a Quicksilver 48 13700 A41 19P (I think it's 15.25 diameter. I've only had the boat out once with half to 3/4 tank of fuel and 600lbs of passengers and was hitting 52mph (GPS'd) @ 4700 RPMs. My math shows 7% slip. Trim was up at max position, no cavitation, I was on glass. The boat has the 'Extended Plane Hull' design and seemed to plan effortlessly even with my two passengers in the back.

I plan on using this mostly on a large fresh water lake that can regularly see decent chop while carrying 4 adults and a few little ones. I want a good compromise in cruising performance, but I was really hoping to get a little more out of the top end. Nothing crazy, but being a big block I was hoping to touch the upper 50's. The motor has only 300hrs on it and seems to run very strong.

Should I be looking into a higher quality prop with the same pitch, or maybe going to a 14.75 x 20P 4 blade?"

What do you all think?

Am I wrong to think 52 is a little slow for this thing? But my numbers (RPM's and slip) seem to be spot on, so I don't know if it's best to leave well enough alone. The thing planes so damn fast that maybe a 21 is in order, I just don't want to lug the motor.... My head is spinning... :alien:
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