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after market AC units for sonic

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looking to purchase an AC unit for a 31 sonic any recommendations ?
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I put a Marine Air in my 35 last season. Not an easy install, but worth the aggravation in the end.
26 sonic, where are you looking to place the unit? I see they put them under the sink in the newer sonics. With all the space under the berth, would be nice to mount it there, but I was wondering about the long hose runs.....

I was watching ebay for AC units, theres a lot out there to choose from. Have so many other things to do, haven't researched it that much.

Keep us posted of your project.
IMHO and from first hand experience I would not skimp on buying a "cheap" one, because there are plenty of low cost manufacturers out there. they fall apart in a boat that takes a pounding.

I bought a Cruisair 8,000 btu w/reverse cycle and digitial controls for the OL and it worked perfectly all last summer.

It was about $1,700. I could have purchased a cheap model in the same size for about $1,100 but been there - done that and would not do it again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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