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after reading all help on prop/ fuel filter?

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well after reading all the helpfull help on prop - i think that the reason the baja outlaw 454 mag is only seeing 4600 rpms and 52 mph

i think it is my inline fuel filter maybe clogged? does this make sence at full throttle every once and a while the boat will bog .
when i take off every once in a while it will bog.

after reading on this - it looks like this could be my problem the people that had this problem had also been not seeing top rpm and speed also

everyone is posting 63mph at least with this boat its a 1998

thanks for everyone that has been helping me out.
fyi the inline filter is aftermarket
what do ya think?
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its always good to replace fuel filters for routine maintenance....so yea, you should change it. That being said, i doubt picking up 400 rpms will give you 10+ mph, but it should be changed regardless.
Not sure what year Merc. quit using the vapor seperator
tank. My 96 454 mpi had one and the fine micron screen
would clog up and cause the conditions in your post.
Hope this helps.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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