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aftermarket oil cooler bypass / thermostat...

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What have people had good luck with? I need to install my oil cooler to keep the oil temp diwn when running hard, but have a strong feeling it's got too much cooling capacity and will overcool under laid back running conditions. I'm looking for one that I can install in the lines to bypass the cooler until the oil temp gets iup to 190 or so. Thanks!
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The low end of the oil temp is around 210. Keith Eickert thermostatically sets their low end around 215. Look at their oil filter/thermo unit. Yeah it is costly, but hey, it's a high performance boat. What did you expect?
where did all that come from? Didn't say anything about price, etc... also ke set-ups seem to be available in 180 or 212 degree...
got mine from diamond performance marine, was $400 I think but had tstat in it and works great! oils always cool no matter how long its to the wood!



These open at 180deg.

Much cheaper (1/4 the price) than the KE and they do the exact same thing. I have installed many of the permacool and a few of the sandwich style. They work great, do the same thing as others , and give you a few hundy extra for gas. You can also get a little cleanr of a install with them.

Already have a big-block factory cooler (rebuilt, tanked and pressure tested) and remote filter set-up shot in fullthane to match my engine colors. Just needed to choose a thermostat / bypass unit and have a couple hoses made so I can locate them where i want to easily...
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