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My boat is almost ready to rock and roll.
got the batteries in, topped off all fluids and the bad boy fired right up!

man o man it was a job putting on the drive shower. I had to remove the mounting bracket that bolts to the outdrive that connects to the mayfair hydraulic steering rams.

Then I had to drill two 3/4" holes through stainless steel and boy that was a JOB! I drilled two smaller pilot holes to make it easier and I'm glad I did. Then the mounting hole in the drive shower didn't line up right with the outdrive bolt hole, so I had to drill another hole in the top of the drive shower bracket...but it's on.

tomorrow: a new coupler for the electrical connector from the trailer to the truck and a coat of wax on the bad boy, put the carpet in and all the rest of the junk that has got to go on the boat.

I'm wiped....time for a drink!


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Good to see someone getting out. The county's screwing with me again for having the boat on the driveway. I had to rent a post hole digger,because I have to now move my fence back aprox. 30 feet. Then I had to go rent a sod cutter,and cut out a area aboue 75 feet long by 18 feet wide. **** that was the easy part. Now I have got to roll up all that sod. Sucks.

Jeff,I think I would have traded jobs with you today:D
Oh, and I'm only half done. Then next week,I will have 18 yards of stone to be spread out. Wanna come help,I'll pay for the airline ticket:laugher:

Oh, and I still didn't have time to touch my boat.
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