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Another Paddle Boat request!

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Last year I put out a request for a paddle boat to add to the one I had at the time. My grandkids love them!

Well, the tribe continues to expand and I need a third paddle boat for the fleet!

Last year Rick, 42fountain, was gracious enough to sell me his unused and unwanted paddle boat. I was gracious enough to go to him in the Formula and bring the paddle boat home in the back of the boat! It pays to have a big cockpit! :blush:

Same request as the last time, here's a link to that thread for any details you may need.


And a new picture showing the kids enjoying two paddle boats this year at our family gathering for Memorial Day at the house.


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I hope the shrink wrap is off the formula by now! :)
It is, did that the day after that picture was taken.
You know that Pelican makes one with a built in electric motor.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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