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Another towing question

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If together the boat, trailer and truck are over 4 tons, does that mean I can only do 55 on the freeway. I was in my work truck going up to Cleveland when I really paid attention to the speed limit signs. It says 65mph on top and 55mph non comm bus over 4 tons on the bottom. My work truck alone weighs 8020lbs. So with all the BS on it it probably weighs closer to 5 tons. So should I only be doing 55mph. Which wouldn't bother me cause the POS won't hold at 65.

So that got me wondering about the boat and truck, if they together weigh over 4 tons should I only do 55?
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I say do what your comfortable with. When towing I have always felt more comfortable going slower, but then people cut you off and get pissed that you even exist.... they dont' realize that if I hit them with a 17000 lb rig going 65 mph, they will likely be killed.... so I use that in my decision making with speed. Looking out for my fellow Americans...I say
Drive were you feel comfortable. I run 60mph. In Michigan that is actually the truck speed. So hey I feel comfortable and I am at the legal speed.
With gas, I've accually slowed down towing to 55 most of the time. When I get there I get there lol.
Most of the signage pertaining to speed requirements and weight are for commercial vehicles but bear in mind that it might not pertain to you as a private individual but if you have a wreck this same scrutiny will be used to determine the cause. That is how the ruling is heard, "driving to fast for conditions".
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