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Any sonic owners use this site? If so

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Any sonic owners use this site any more? If so lets see some pic's and were you play at..... :sun1:

Northren Cheaspeake Bay..


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EastCoastB said:
I have to admit, those active thunders RUN compared to a Sonic!!! Either Sonic has to improve hull speeds or thunder work on the cabins... either way, love both lines of boats!!!!
Yea, but they don't ride like a Sonic. :) :laugher:
ECB, what are you basing your AT cabin analysis on? The current cabins are SUPER sweet and very well appointed.

Pirelli, Lionseal, 40oz. carpet, Corian countertops, brushed aluminum, real hardwood cabinets (if desired), carbon fiber, leather, pleather, suede, carbon fiber vinyl, are all standard and optional materials that are offered by Active Thunder. You can even opt for a full fiberglass cabin liner or more custom piece built interior.

The new AT website should be done soon, but here are some pics:
Nice 42! Love the colours!

What's in her for power?
Duke69 said:
Nice 42! Love the colours!

What's in her for power?

Thanks!! She has twin 540's putting out 575hp
didn't explain myself well enough!!! Nothing at all against quality of Active cabin, rather an access and space thing. The pics look awesome!!!! In no way am I downplaying the actives quality! I liked the true 32' on the active, it's lines and quality of Active is TOP notch. My buddy runs the 32 Audacity, incredible boat inside and out! Excellent rigging! Plus they RUN BIG TIME compared to Sonic! The cabin entrance and the head on the Sonic gave me the room along with a little more cabin height.... I'm tall and every little bit helps.... We do a lot of weekending on the boat so cabin and specially head compartment size was a big priority. Thanks for the pics!!!
41 - 47 of 47 Posts
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