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Anyone going to Jobbie Nooner June 27th?

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I haven't been in six years, but the wife and some girlfriends want to go so we are.... looking to raft up with some responsible boaters to have a good time.....anyone???
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A few of us might head up Saturday. I havent been since 05 but the same deal my wife wants to go. I will let you know once it gets closer. That was one of my concerns was the idiots rafing off me :rolleyes:
Earl if you make it give us a call 586-260-5143
we may be there, I was planning on going to Put-in-Bay for the weekend but looks like rain again :rolleyes: what is up with this weather
Are any of your guys doing the Poker Run tomorrow?
Looks like If I go out it will be local, a good chance of thundershowers on saturday :confused:

Man I wish this weather would straighten out a bit.
Never been to the St Clair Inn on a boat, anyone done that before after the Jobbie to sleep in a bed, how far is it from the Nooner island? looks like a nice place.
we are heading there around noon, stop by for a beverage if you see us


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All I want to know is how did you get your wife to let you have girlfriends !!!!!!!!!!??????
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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