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Anyone in teh PA/MD/DE area have a spare 21 or 19p prop?

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Anyone in the PA/MD/DE area have a spare 21 or 19p prop?

Current setup is a 205 hp 4.3, w/ alpha in a 190 Baja sport. Just takes awhile to plane and will bog on top end with the 4brl.. and only reaches about 4200rpm. Currently has a comcrap 22p 4 blade.. plastic junk. so before i spend the coin on a new prop trying to see if someone has one i could meet up and try out.. btw that was just yesterday with me only in the boat, when the family is in it its alot worse so really want to try a 19p if at all possible. Thanks!
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I had the same boat back in 1989 with 4.3LX 205 horsepower. I tried at least 12 different props to get the most out of it as my bud had same boat and we were always trying to beat the other. The best prop for this boat/motor combo is a Mercury Laser II 23", leave holes unplugged. I ran it at 4800. If your only turning 4200 with a 22, you might have other issues.
BTW does the boat have the original lower unit? Just wondering if your running correct gears. I can't remember for sure but I think mine were 1:1.65??
not sure on the lower unit, engine runs great, had a leakdown test and all on the boat when i bought it last year.. i just think its this plastic junk prop that is on there.. will see when i change it. possibly having thru hull exaust is making me loose a little low end too trying to get the boat to plane quicker?
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