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Anyone with a bimini on a 242?

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Well I got the new tonneau on today. Now it is time for a bimini. Anyone got some pics or tips? Anything you would do differently?
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I have one on my 311. No pics of it up, but it sits nicely in front of the windshield when down.
I have one with the boat, 242 with twins, however the previous owner says it doesn't stay on over 40mph so he never uses it. I'll try to get pics up soon, hoping to actually get the boat in the water soon....i've only been working on it since November!
I prefer the look, style and price of the "anchorshade" that west marine sells.
Since the bimini is a problem for speed and it doesn't cover much area it would have to be taken down quite a bit, so I can get more coverage with the anchorshade and it looks better. It can go up just as easy at the bimini and come down for speed and still look nice.
Plus it is only $169. That might buy the boot of a bimini. :shocked:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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