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saving pennies Bro but it has been a very tough year for the Swamps....one wedding (chaaaching), one finishing at private college (chaaaaaachiiiiing), one year into a new job that has not panned out quite the way it was presented to me when I joined (nochaching) and we have had some other financial challenges (everything in my home seems to be breaking). You know how it is sometimes.

One motor runs well but it is counter-rotating and the normal rotation motor is locked up and needs to be yanked out and taken apart....it has the power steering unit. Since I have arnesons - it is tough without power steering.

Tried a few things to McGiver it but it isnt working. If I put any strain on the steering the belt flies accross the engine room.

Wish I could find a counter rotating PS pump - would be good to have as a back up for bahama cruising....but no-one knows where to find one. At least I would be able to trawler around and do some overnights on the beast....for now it sits.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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