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Attention Florida guys

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Any of you take ownership to this? :p:


The high cost of fuel got a little higher Tuesday for one boater who was

feeling a little fuelish in Stuart, Fl. Tuesday when he pumped about 100

gallons of $4.39 gasoline into the boat's fishing rod holder. Not only was

it an expensive mistake - the gas tank was still empty at the end of the

day. A employee of the Finest Kind Marina said the owner of the

approximately 28-foot center console fishing boat was getting ready to fill

his gas tank when his cell phone rang. Distracted, he put the fuel hose in

the rod holder, which was only about 6 inches from the fuel tank and looks

similar to the fuel tank opening. He walked to the other end of the dock to

talk on the phone while his "tank" was filling. The fuel went into the bilge

and the mistake was discovered when the fuel got high enough to kick on the

bilge pump. -- Read on: http://abe5.com/426
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Similiar story, me and my brother and a friend were going out fishing early one morning in my 19' bowrider and I asked my brother to pour the 5 gallon of gas into my engine.We got into the boat when a guy on the dock said holy cow how much gas did you guys spill to which my brother replied not a drop .We then noticed the bilge pump on and it was pumping gas into the lake.
My brother in his hungover condition had poured the gas into the flag hole and all over the engine, at least we didn't start it, big clean up job though.
In response to this blunder--the local marinas that I go to have signs up stating that you can not lock the gas pump to fill your boat it must be held by hand. Had this been the same situation he might have saved a little money in the process and had gas in the boat.
One neighbor did the same thing and another filled his water tank with fuel.

These kind of things actually occur pretty frequently. Another common one is putting gas into the fresh water tank.
This happened about 10 years ago at Harbour Towne Marina in Dania, Fl. at the gas dock. The entire family perished at the dock, while still in the boat, tied to the dock. They had just realized what they did, filling the bilge with gasoline & turned on the blower. The dockhands were helpless, because they were not prepared for such an event. Please take refueling very seriously...no matter where your doing it.
bilge kicked on eh?
could open up to another fine!
wonder what all those gallons looked like in the bilge
Just lucky it didn't blow up.
bnboatn said:
Tommy, 4.39$ what about more like 3.39$?
Ain't that some chit? Now we've been conditioned to think 3.39 would be cheap!

Where are you gonna be out this weekend?
Yah the bilge kicked on and luckily the blower wasn,t on key wasn,t turned. After cleaning out the boat the boys made me start it the first time about two hundred feet off shore. Nice guys eh!
The plan is boat, drink, boat, drink, boat, drink. The order doesn't matter.
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