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Automatic Bilge Pump Question

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I have a 1994 Checkmate Enforcer 260. Question I have (hope I don't sound too dumb:) but I am wondering if anyone knows if this has an automatic bilge pump on it? I am assuming yes but I don't know for sure.

If so, if I turn the battery switches off will the auto bilge still come on if needed? Or do I need to do something? I will be leaving it in the water for a week or so at a time and just want to be sure.

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It all depends on the pump you have, some have a built-in switch, and some don't, but may have separate float switch mounted in the bilge to turn on the pump.
And as far as how it's wired, that depends,,, if you have it wired directly to the battery your fine, but if it's wired to master battery shut-off switch, it won't come on if it's off, so you may want to check that before you leave it..
if you have 2 batteries just switch it to 1 of them, and the other will still start you up..
I'd test it to make sure if/how it works. With the boat on trailer, drain plug in, stick a hose in the bilge until the pump comes on.
Most manufacturers wire pumps with auto switches direct to the battery. If an owner switched anything, who knows? But factory everything thing I've owned has been that way. I would imagine a Coast Guard regulation or something would require such. Put any hours on the new rig yet?
I echo the test it on the trailer thought my old donzi had a SPDT switch on the dash for the bilge pump auto/off/on

I left in in auto but then found out that the float switch was a seperate unit that looked like a foot pedal for an old sewing machine and it had broken loose from it's mount and was flipped over so it could not operate so make sure it works on land first

there are many schools of thought on how they should be wired alot like the directly to the battery which takes out the did i leave the switch in the right position but i did see one directly wired get stuck on with the bilge empty and the pump started to burn up and the guy couldn't turn it off quickly without either cutting the wire or disconnecting the battery leads some have put a hidden toggle switch in the hatch somewhere that's switched on all the time for the auto float but in an emergency could be turned off again i am sure things have changed alot in the wiring of newer boats the donzi was a late 60's boat

if you can see the float switch you could also pick it up with a stick or pole and see if the pump kicks on
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Thanks guys-

Haven't taken it out yet- Just got done installing a Garmin 440s and getting that straight. We are loading up and heading out in a few to try and beat the storms they are calling for this afternoon. At least get out for a little bit.

Super24 said:
I'd test it to make sure if/how it works. With the boat on trailer, drain plug in, stick a hose in the bilge until the pump comes on.
This is the only way to do it!!

I took a good one over the bow on lake st. clair a week ago and was thankful for the automatic bilge.
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