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Baltimore Harbor Lunch

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I am going to take a ride into the inner harbor for my first time(by water) and was curious if anyone could tell me of a good place to get a late lunch/early dinner that has good parking for a 31' boat. Also any "do nots"?
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i think you can still dock in the interhabor by the wall contact habor master it was like $5 for 4 hours.
philips is very good but head to little italy and eat anywhere all good.
Ya, you can pay $5 and tie up on the wall. Docking shouldn't be a problem on a weekday afternoon. There's Hooters, Cap City Brewing Co., Cheescake Factory, ESPN Sports Zone, Rusty Skupper, food court, and a ton of other places within walking distance.
Run_em_Hard said:
Where do you pay?
You usually see the "dock people" driving around on a little cart. If you don't see them, walk away from the pavilion and there is a small building 1-200 yards up the dock.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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