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The first part was everyone idleing in the Metro Lagoon before heading out to the Lake.

Second part was just after the initial start from metro (cruising about 50 mph)

Third leg was the final mile or two before Mac & Ray's. The Boat I'm trying to catch in (was) the new Innovator. I gave the camera to my Dad so he could get a shot of the boat running next to us. About three seconds before I got next to him (Wayne), the boat started to run away from me (I was going 65 - 70 mph). I nailed the throttles just before my Dad started recording. The clip would have been longer, but the old man got a little worried and dropped the camera (attached to his wrist) to get a grip on the bolster.

Jeesh Dad, I wasn't even going 90! :D

Going to the U.P. tomorrow for a week of boating. I'll be doing some more high speed testing. Hopefully I'll come back with some more cool videos and a new top speed.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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