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Before I go.........

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Boatnut only has "7" more to go before hitting 1000!!:laugher: :laugher:
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Just think!!! After tomorrow everybody will have a week to catch up to him...unless he brings his laptop! :laugher: :laugher:
Mrs. Obnoxus said:
Boatnut only has "7" more to go before hitting 1000!!:laugher: :laugher:

You couldn't just leave without making that announcement:confused:

good bye,see ya, so long ,bye bye,farewell,astsa la vista:laugher:

Now I will do it before I take off:D
CONGRATULATIONS BOATNUT!!!!!! u finally hit 1000 posts before leaving town:laugher: :laugher: :laugher: :laugher: :laugher:
Are you still here ??:laugher: :laugher:

Your welcome:gunner:
Leaving here in about 15 minutes. Flight is around 4-4:30. I don't know. I just go when my wife tells me to:D

gonna miss me?:rolleyes:

You can meet us in FLA. while your on the mend:D
obnoxus said:
Marco Island,,,, Not bad for a guy without a job huh !!!

Hey,it was alrady paid for and I found the free time. Why not??:gunner:
1 - 6 of 23 Posts
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