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Best depth guage?

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Are some through the hull type depth guage packages more accurate than others? I just replaced all my guages with Gaffrig but, did not replace the depth guage yet. when I got the boat the Gaffrig wasn't working. I'd like to just replace the guage since the sender is almost impossible to get to for replacement. Anybody know of a way to test it?
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All of my experience lowrance seem to work the best, but once you get going fast I havent found any that work, they just flash.
Yep, Lowrance is good stuff.

If you have multiple sounders on a boat only one can be used at a time unless you get one like I got. It is made in Smyrna Georgia is all I remember about it right now. I bought is last year and can't remember the name .......bad........anyway this one can be used simultaneously with any other sounder.

I can look up the name if someone needs to know.
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