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For the best service and advice on a prop call Julie at Throttle Up, they are the best of the best try their website...... :star:


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jwws007 said:
anyone know who's got the best prices, I'm seeing them on ebay for 400.00. I'm looking for 22p RH
?????????????????? :confused1 :confused1 :confused1 :confused1

I bought a prop from an individual and sent it to Throttle-Up. They said it was workable and worth the money. The next prop I sent to them "looked good" but T-U said it was modified to the point that I would not be able to even run it.

Unless you are trained in what to look for, or plan on sending it out to be "checked out"

Don't waste your $$$$$

$400 for a Bravo 1 looks about $100 high for my interest. Unless there is some kind of $$ back if it turns out to be unacceptable to you.

you are saving $100 to send it out to get a $200 check and repair ?

Unless you can buy it at a better price than that save your $$$

As always JMHO.

I have sold used props...but they were sold at a fair price for the known condition.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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