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I have been doing large audio systems in boats for a long time. Also used to do USAC and IASCA cars back in the day as well.

Anyway I picked something up from an old boss of mine the other day. It was an amp rack I built for his 33 Powerplay back in 1995. This boat was the baddest sounding boat around at the time. Nobody had a system like this in their go-fast back then around our area. Not tring to sound big headed or anything it's just you never saw a boat like that with a big sound system in it.

Anyway the rack had some serious power. Loaded with 3 ZED (ZED was the company that made amps like PPI, MTX, Hifonics, Xtant, and Phoenix Gold) made Autotek high current amps models 44, HC66 and 99. Also had a G&S Audio 3 way crossover, 2 large caps, and all the goddies. It also had 3 cooling fans built into it. It was made so he could just unhook the RCA's, power and ground, and cd changer cable then just pull the whole thing out in the winter.

The boat had 4 10" Pyle Driver New Wave free air subs in the back seat powered by the Autoteck 99. I still have not heard a free air sub that could do what those subs could. Also had 4 6.5" Pyle mids and 2 4" Pyle mids powered by the HC66. Finished off with 6 Pyle tweeters powered by the model 44. These speakers were made when Pyle was a family owned company out of Indiana. THey were top of the line stuff then. Not the cheap Pyramid crap it is now.

Anyway I just powered the rack up to see if any off this stuff still worked. After 6 or 7 years in the boat on lake Michigan, and sitting in his basement since then, everything fired right up. Would be hard pressed to see any amps built today that will still be working in 13 years. I even have an Autotek 601X in my boat right now that is of the same age, and it has been on the water every year since I got it.

It was just such a blast to see this stuff again. Brings back good memories of good times on the water. Will be using some of this stuff in my system in the future.

Anyway here is a picture of the rack and the boat it was in.


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