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Boat buyer opinions

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My girlfriend and I are looking to pick up a lake boat. She already has a 29' Velocity Thoroughbred, has eng problems with the new supersharger. So now we're looking for something in the down time.

Heres what we're looking for

Less than 26'
Open Bow for more space
Good power for open lake speeds and cruising
newer than 20yrs
Less than $15k

Here are two that I'm looking at now but, but I dont know much about them.

1994 Wellcraft 20'NOVASPYDER $9,995 (not sure on the eng setup yet)

1991 Chaparral 2300SX $11,900

21'2", Beam: 8'4"

Merc 7.4L 310HP
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I didn't know there was such a thing as a 20 ft. Nova Wellcraft Spyder. But then I've never been accused of knowing a heck of allot :alien:

I have a '95 23 foot Nova and it's a great little lake boat. I really like it. Very roomy for a 23 footer. It came stock with a carbed 7.4/330. Top speed according to the speedo was 62 mph, so I expect gps speed was in the 56-58 mph range. GPS speed with the ZZ502/502 is/was a tic over 73. The ZZ has blossomed into a 557 CI. I hope to know how the Humble Little Nova likes the new power in a few weeks :D

Good luck with your shopping .............
well thanks. I think I'm leaning towards the chaparral at this point. 20' is on the small end for my needs at this point..

Still looking for other ideas though if they're out there
I have a 90 Chaparral 2150sx 350 Mag. VERY solid boat. I love it. Top speed stock was 55.1 . Since yours is a BR it should be a little lighter.

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thanks for the info. the approximate weight that they are claiming is 2,954lbs with a 7.4l, so it should move pretty well. just not sure about the price they are asking, maybe 2-3k off
lol I dont know whos claming that weight but they are way off. NADA lists it with power at 3920 and I had a chaparral rep send me a copy of a 1990 lineup and the 2300SX with the 7.4 is coming in at 4010. Like I said before, its a solid boat. The NADA weight was with a 5.7L

Also the boat is 23'6

The specs on their site are for a 2100SX dry weight. No motor.

I saw the boat online. Looks nice but what worries me is the repaint. I dont see any Chappy decals or anything.
My recommendation would be the Chapparal. Solid boat. Great ride for a lake hull. If I were to own a lake hull the Chapparal would be top on my list.
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