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Boat Covers?

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Ok gang I know some of you northerner's (Spelled Yankees):D have full boat covers right? Where did you get em and how well do the work? Do they stay on during transit or do you have to take them off? Als how big of a pain in the arss are they to put on and take off? My boat stays inside most of the time but I do tow it to Destin for the Poker run and Austin to Lake Travis and I want a good cover for these trips and when it has to sit out on these trips. Any help you could give would be great:D
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Custom made for a 27' Baja $700. I have towed at 100 MPH (yes literally ). And it goes no where. If you will do alot of towing get custom made,, much less hassle. Yes Boatnuts cover was half the price, but it is 10 times the Bullzhit and looks like a ballon going down the highway. Great for storage and short trips though,,, and like he said, only 300 bucks. Depends on your situation. ( I am sure Paul will chime in about the office friendly that pulled me over on the way home from the Ozarks soon to prove the speed !!!! ) :D :D :D Love that Silverado 2500 !!!!
Right,,, it's a blur because your boat is so fast !!
Actually believe it or not the truck does not even struggle. It's only a 272 baja towed weight somewhere between 6,000-7,000 lbs never had it weighed. It is happiest cruising at about 90 mph. Now the Tahoe used to struggle going through the mountains on the way to the Ozarks, and thus the 2500 Silverado.

It's funny I tell people how fast I tow, and I get that " look " from them. Then they ride with me and see how stable it is and they are supprised. Now don't get me wrong, this is way open highway ,,, no traffic ,,,, I do realize there is NO stopping this thing in an emergency. But for zhits and giggles, i started swerving ( by myself ) one day at about 90, and it's just as stable as can be.

It's a perfect set up though. enough truck, balanced and perfectly level trailer. Gooyear Marathor trailer tires, and an Eagle trailer.

And yes ,,, being a little nuts helps !!!!!!!!!
True statement from George Carlin::: "Anyone who drives slower then you is a jerk,,,, anyone driving faster then you is a maniac !!!!" why is that !!!????
Hmmmm George for President !!!???
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