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Boat Covers?

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Ok gang I know some of you northerner's (Spelled Yankees):D have full boat covers right? Where did you get em and how well do the work? Do they stay on during transit or do you have to take them off? Als how big of a pain in the arss are they to put on and take off? My boat stays inside most of the time but I do tow it to Destin for the Poker run and Austin to Lake Travis and I want a good cover for these trips and when it has to sit out on these trips. Any help you could give would be great:D
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Got mine at Overtons. Semi-custom fit in black. Stays on with no problems. 27 foot for right around $300. It is also the cover I have on for its outside winter storage. The only thing is this year I will put in breathers, covers so well it builds condensation. As far as a pain in the ass to use,mine has elastic,so it kind of sucks.But a nice cover for half the price custom places wanted
obnoxus is right about looking like a baggie on the hgwy. But it didn't go anywhere either at 100mph..

I could chime in about the officer,but Dennis already did.

As far as how fast he was going,I could not tell. As like in boating,he was so far ahead of me it took 15 minutes before I caught up to him,and that was only because he was stoped by officer friendly. Dennis states we boat together every weekend,what he really means is we leave the marina together,and then he's off and running. I usually see him at the beach,and again on the return trip at the launch. Everything between is usually a blur.
wrong,thats how fast your boat must be,because according to you I am always at the end of your rope.
we can keep this up all night,some of have to get up to go to WORK in the am.We know which someone that is:eek:
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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