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Boat Covers?

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Ok gang I know some of you northerner's (Spelled Yankees):D have full boat covers right? Where did you get em and how well do the work? Do they stay on during transit or do you have to take them off? Als how big of a pain in the arss are they to put on and take off? My boat stays inside most of the time but I do tow it to Destin for the Poker run and Austin to Lake Travis and I want a good cover for these trips and when it has to sit out on these trips. Any help you could give would be great:D
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My Checkmate has a custom made leather full cover that snaps on. Its reinforced at the stress points and was made by a local couple in town here. Its been on the boat since new in '76. Its gone down the highways at 70+ mph and has never come off. Its made trips from Iowa to Texas with no problems. One person can take it off-on, but is much easier with two. Biggest headache is cleaning it. Its an off-white/cream color.
My recommendation is to have one custom made for your boat.

I thought Yankees were ball players! :D
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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