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Another new guy asking for boat comparisons.. I have been reading many of the older threads and have noticed that these comparative type questions end up with some good information sometimes.. I tend to learn the most from those type of questions..
I’m looking for a new to me used boat (20’-24/26’) for some weekend fast fun with occasional anchoring & relaxing and maybe some light fishing and recreational fun.. I will be in Lake Erie mostly and do not want to be stuck in the bay areas all the time so wanting something that can handle the chop well..

I’ve looked at performance boats down to some formidable run abouts and have so far narrowed it down to these…
Can any of you tell me anything about these different boats and how they compare to one another on a performance, recreation & deep water use/handling basis and then also the “fun factor” of each… (all around handling, WOT speeds, useability, etc…???
Thank you for any and all help and input..

1. 1987 Imperial VC 230 cuddy.. 350

2. Cobia CHALLENGER 189SRV Deep-V cuddy. (Unsure of engine size at this time)

3.1993 Chaparral 2550 SX cuddy with 454/Bravo…

4. 1991 241 Liberator w/460/King Cobra OMC

5. 1988 Sea Ray Seville 21’ cuddy. Unsure of engine size yet..

6. 1988 22’ Wellcraft ELITE cuddy w/350.

7. 1992 Seaswirl 220 Cuddy, 351 - 260hp,

Thanks again!!
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