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I'm sure this has been discussed in the past, but with technology changing so quickly, I thought I would start a new thread instead of searching for older ones.

I would like to post some pic's here, but don't have an electronic camera. And don't know much about them. OK, I know nothing about them.

I'm looking for something simple and around $200.00 - $300.00.

Any suggestions, or features I should look for?

Or anything I should stay away from?

Or should I spend more $$.




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Well, this is a little tough with lots of options.
It all comes down to, how much camera experience you have, what type photos you want to take, how much do you want to learn, and how much to spend.

If you're looking for mainly a point & shoot and easy downloads, you might want to check out a Kodak DX3700. They run about $250.

There are lots of choices in that price range.
Check this site for some camera reviews and see what best fits you.


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You're right, the technology has changed a lot. I got my camera a year ago, and my sister just bought one with twice the clarity and storage and it was $100 cheaper than mine!

I would recommend one with a built-in flash and zoom lens so you can use it anywhere for great shots. And definitely stick to a name brand for quality, Olympus and Sony are very good cameras with comparable features. The difference in price will depend on the quality of the pictures and the number of pictures it will store. You should be able to get a high quality camera for $300 somewhere like Best Buy or even on-line like www.overstock.com . Let us know what you decide to buy. Good Luck! :D

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I bought a Kodak 215 a little over two years ago for $300. It is the best money I ever spent. I have taken nearly 3000 photos with it, and gotten maybe 5 developed. I just store them on the computer. Optical zoom is what makes the price go up. Mine is 2x I think. Be sure to get a 16k card or better. I can take 154 pics on one card. Invest in rechargeble batteries, cameras eat them. A card reader makes downloading 100 times faster and it doesn't use your batteries to do it. I have been real happy with the Kodak, I'm sure they have newer models now for the same price.
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