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Can someone give me a brief Bravo one tutorial?

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What does the upper do? What does the lower do?I thought forward and reverse were handled in the lower unit so I pulled the lower off. I am thinking now that the the gear shifting done in the upper not the lower. I have one drive that has no forward, but reverse works fine.

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Gear shift is in the upper...without a couple specialized tools it will be difficult to pull it apart.....and you'll never get it back together properly without them.

If no gear issues then it probably broke something in the shift linkage behind the rear cap.

I pulled the cover off and everything looks like it is shifting fine. I can see the bell crank moving when I move the shifter. I am going to pull the upper and take it to the shop.

I got lesson one yesterday. I paid a marina to tear my drive down. They are not that complicated inside, but you do need some special tools like a giant spanner wrench and a tool to remove the shift pin. They charged me $25.00, let me watch and the guy explained what to look for and what was wrong with it.

I expect lesson two (the reassembly) later this week.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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