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I have a 1987 Villain III I have had since new. Great boat! With tabs (Ihave the Bennet sport tabs with indicators) it handles rough water with much bigger boats. I should know, I raced it in APBA local and pro classes for 5 years and only 1 race was calm I took 2 -2nds and won every other race with a slightly modified 350 magnum. I was never the fastest boat in every race but bever broke down and the handling saved me many times. I now run a modified 355 (about 400 horse) and have seen 65 a couple of times. I just rebuilt it so I hope for more speed, when broken in, but the boat is very stable and I feel could easily handle over 70.
I've replaced some vinyl (it is the weakness here) a throttle and the voltage gauge. Also the hinges are aluminum and the rough water running made me have stainless ones fabricated. The windshield can also be a problem at the age of the boat but you can tell by looking at it.
I am desperate for the user/operating manual. If you could copy and send I am willing to pay for your work and supplies.
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