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couplee question

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coupler question

What are the signs that an engine coupler might be going, if there are any, or do they just go?
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Well, to be honest with you, mine blew on me 2 weeks ago and at the time I eas runnimg at about 45 mph and with no sign at all, all of the sudden it just felt like going into neutral along with a strong rubber burnt smell and when I lift the hatch I saw smoke commin out.

Well, not exactly like neutral, cause I could still feell some resistance. Once the boat stopped, I raise the drive and put it in gear and I coul see that the prop was turning at idlle but as soon as I try to rev it would slipp.

But like I said, all day long as well as just before it happend, there was no sign at all. No vibration nothing.
I was heading across the lake the other day and I noticed my rpms would go from 3200 to 3800 every now and then and I hadn't touched the throttles. Also at 3200 I am usually going faster then I felt I was going and of course my speedo wasn't hooked up, forgot to do that before I left, the marina forgot after the drive maint. I did have 2 more people in the boat and 2 full coolers that I normally don't have
I'm sure that it's not the coupler, these thing cant slip on and off, when they go, they go for good.

Maybe you were trimed out a little to much and then going thrue somme rough water the prop slipped a bit???
Doesn't sound like a coupler to me... when they let go, they let go!
That is good to know. Maybe the extra weight and wind was causing the problem.
could be. I thought about that. I will keep an eye on things next time out
Normally once you are in gear your coupler will not let go, it is after you go back to neutral that it will quit on you.
could be the prop is sliping on the hub ?
pennylover said:
could be the prop is sliping on the hub ?
This there a check for that?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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