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Credit cards / Gaas rebate cards

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Between the car (90 miles a day) and the boat I have a pretty decent fuel bill each month.

I have looked on the major credit card websites for a card that will pay back, but I am not finding anything that is getting me excited.

Discover has the open road card, but they only give 5% for the first $100.00 a month then 1% after that.

So what is everyone using?
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I use a Citgo card, which happens to be a Visa, for my vehicle & boat. It pays 4% on Citgo products and 1% on everything else. Takes the bonus amount off of the charged amount right on the statement, no need to do any applications or such.
I heard Shell credit card gives back .10 per gallon.
If you're a member of Boats US most marinas will give you a 10 cent discount when you show your membership card. I use it along with my Citgo card, if gas is $5.00 per gallon, I'll actually be paying $4.76.
ghart said:
if gas is $5.00 per gallon
What do you mean "if"

Boat US & gas card IS the way to go. However, most gas cards don't recognize a marina as a gas source. To get max discount on gas card, you gotta get fuel at gas station.
BillR said:
What do you mean "if"

Boat US & gas card IS the way to go. However, most gas cards don't recognize a marina as a gas source. To get max discount on gas card, you gotta get fuel at gas station.
What do you mean "if"

I had to have some kind of price to make my point, I pulled $5.00 out of my a$$! :laugher:

You are correct about gas card incentives not recognized at many fuel sources on the water.

I am fortunate to be right across Middle River from The Baltimore Yacht Club where they pump Citgo product, they display Citgo signage at the fuel dock and I do get 4% deducted from my gas bill when I get my Citgo statement. :bigsmile:
Not pushing Citgo by any means but here is the current promo. When I got my card they were offering the same incentive for the first 60 days. Mine is a Visa, looks like the current offer is a Master Card. When I got my card they didn't have a limit of $50 credit from charges. But then again, I've never had charges past $1,250 so that limit they have now would not be a problem for me!

8% Is Twice As Nice.

Earn Double Rebates of 8%* on CITGO Purchases, and 5% Rebates* on Other Qualifying Purchases, for Your First 60 Days.

New accounts only. Apply between 4/1/08 and 6/30/08.
After the first 60 days, earn 4% rebates on CITGO purchases and up to 1% rebates on other qualified purchases.*
Earn up to a maximum of $50 in rebates each month.
Get the card that lets you earn rebates at CITGO branded locations.


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I use the Speedway credit card and the rewards card.

The deal last summer was 4% on Speedway purchases and the 1% everything else. The rewards card gave $.50 off a gallon for every 8700 points. So I saved a total of 60 cents a gallon on every fill up. But of course living in the state of taxation our fine Michigan government made it illegal to discount gas so along with two other states we loose the 50 cent discount. 47 of you states still have it. Its a 25 gallon limit on paper, but they allow the discount on the whole fill up.

Now its based on points 40 points for every dollar spent at Speedway and 10 points every where else on the credit card. They give a nickel off for using the credit card. Then using the rewards cards gets you a 10 points every gallon and 10 for every dollar spent on goods at speedway. 66000 points for a $100 Speeway gift certificate. I am neting a savings of around 35 cents a gallon for the boat. So somewhere around 900 to 1100 dollars a year in savings on gas.
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