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check your email.

Is the Cuda name in reference to a car ? If so what do you have?
I used to have a 73' 340 4 spd Cuda. Yellow , black (hockey stick?) strip , black interior with factory leather buckets.
I aslo had two 73' 340 Dusters, one a stick and the other auto.
I don't know why 73's I prefer the 70' Cuda and a 71' Demon
I wish I never got rid of those cars !
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did someone say 340 Duster?
awesome baby!

what a cool car - especially the lime green one's.
One of my closest friends had one in high school.

My father brought me up as a Ford Man - so I had a 1971 Comet Cyclone GT. White 271HP 289.

my buddys 340 Duster always kicked my butt....

but I liked the lines on my Comet better....

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Yeah , I miss having those cars , I sold them to buy a house then ended up buying a 85 5.0 Mustang and when I was done with that it was running 10's. That may not be too much now but that was in 91'. Then I sold that and ended up with the boat.
I do like boating better , but the cars are an investment where the boat isn't
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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