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I was all set to leave the fire house this morning and head down to LOTO. Well it's raining. It's supposed to rain about 2 inches there today so I scrubbed my plans.

It was just going to be for today anyway, I have to work Saturday too.

We were going to meet at Shooters 21, about 10 boat loads.......and head upto around the 47 mile marker to Big Dicks Halfway Inn......and "shoot the minnow".

It would have been a blast.a bunch from this board and another one ( you know...it's down right now by the way) were going.

Gordo. H20 Cowgirl, Lutzparty, Miss Amy, Kc Hotboat, SSherman, Tbnpmp, Audiofn, Watermoose, 283checkmate, Mrs283checkmate, Hanginaround, Micks sungirl, Jawbreakerkid, Mnfastboat, and I know I'm forgetting prolly 20 more.

It'll prolly clear up down there this afternoon and they'll all go have a good time any way and I'll be stuck here 2.5 hrs away wishing I was there.

Oh well everyone have a fun and safe holiday weekend.

I can still go to lake Perry on sunday and monday.........61 degrees surface temp:mad:
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