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Drilling for oil in america petition

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Here is a petition that will go to congress to let them know we dont appreciate paying out the nose for gasoline.

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I had to live up to my unofficial title here given to me by none other than JJ himself, which is...........

card carrying, tree bulldozing, chesapeake bay polluting republican
I'm all for the drilling..... but where is all of our new platforms.... The last platform build in the USA was in 1976.... The government regulated oil refineries right out of exsistance. Now all the oil guru's know it's easier just to buy the crude rather than try to build through the restrictions. Not to mention the refining.

I'd rather use up all the middleeast oil before we burn though all of ours. Plus our crude isn't as easy to refine as theres is.

Why isn't anyone driving a hydrogen car yet? Doesn't it make sence to fuel your world with the elements that are most plentiful....like O2 and hydrogen.

I'd like to sign a petition to get rid of all the cooked greedy people in gov. and big business... now that's what I'm talking about.

Sorry, I had to stand on that soapbox for a minute... :confused1
We could use biofuels and renewable fuels instead of oil. OIL IS NOT THE FURTURE!
I signed. I don't think that added drilling will solve our energy problem, but will ease the pain. The US really needs a good energy policy.
I agree we should be developing new technologies but oil will always be needed. What ticks me off is China has a deal with Cuba and is drilling the Continental shelf 50 miles off our coast, and we cant drill there :confused:
I personally like the idea of hydrogen......

There was a guy who supposedly came up with a way of mass producing hydrogen by using electolosis. The big kicker was he did it using very little power which is always the big hangup for hydrogen producers. He has several patents and a car that ran on 100% water. Or at least thats what they say online

His name was Stanley Meyer and he is dead. Of course the conspiricy theorist all say he was murdered. :dead:

I think the goverment should offer a good sum of money to the first private inventor who comes up with a way to mass produce hydrogen. Or any type of alternative fuel which could be used to lessen our dependence on oil.

what happened to all the free energy we could be getting off fision? NAH they say.... too dangerous??? Well I'd rather live 100 miles from a nucleur plant then be driving with a hydrogen tank at 10,000psi under my a**.... But I'd even still rather be driving a hydrogen powered 4x4 then an oil furnace....which is all the I.C.E. really is, since 66% of the energy made is blown away as heat....VERY wasteful indeed.

sorry, I'm full of these comments :rambo:

there is more depleted uranium in yucko mountain from america making bombs, than all the worlds nucleur power plants would make in 700years.

Keep the oil flowing for my future.

Everyone else can drive the compromises, keep me in some high octane crude :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

btw......GM already has a hydrogen program. It was unveiled at the 05 world car show. Now mum is the word. Makes me wonder what is up? What do they know?
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Now we need one for nuclear plants, too.
29Scarabthunder said:
We could use biofuels and renewable fuels instead of oil. OIL IS NOT THE FURTURE!
Ok then if you feel that strongly about it convert that hot new SC engine of yours over to bio and or start burning used FF oil from McDonalds :p: ;) :D

The economy of every industrial country is pretty much geared to run on oil. It looks like oil IS the future for the next several years, at least. When an alternative fuel (or fuels, or energy "sources") that can be used to REPLACE oil is determined to be adequate, it will take several years to make the conversion.
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