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Drilling holes through transom. Can I drill here?

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On the other side of the red is still transom, but I see I will be drilling though the thick part of the transom, and then a little of just the fiberglass. Is this acceptable? I figure should be ok as some people put holes right though the side of their boat for the thru hull.


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Hard to tell being that close of a shot. Take another pic of it from farther away. What are you putting a there anyway.
Thats as far away as it gets. If I move back and take a shot some interior stuff is in the way. The outdrive is to the left and that black thing with hoseclamps is the downpipe to Y pipe. Installing Corsa Q&Q
Go for it but make the holes larger on the inside so you can seal them well before you install the tips. Use a longer pilot bit to keep them straight. My old Scarab had to have the transom redone because the exhaust holes were not sealed.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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