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Ebay coupon codes

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Just wanted to share a little info. If you shop on Ebay, do a Google search for Ebay Coupon codes. There are a many of them out there. Most require you to use Paypal. We buy and sell on Ebay and have been using codes found on the net with no problems. Some are as high as $400 off a purchase. Found and used an $80 coupon yesterday. Its free money. :cool:
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OK, what`s the catch ? There is no such thing as FREE money.
No catch so far but I was as skeptical as you are.
Thanks. I know that I used to buy from Overtons often. My catalog said "enter coupon code 10% off" I decided to be daring and entered GET THIS 20% off, and LOW AND BEHOLD it worked!! Money is money EXTRA 10% :D :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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