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I have a Garmin GPS on the Mothership with an External Antenna mounted on the arch. When I turn it on it says there's a break in the antenna lead. My question is, can the antenna coax be spliced??

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a standard coax can be spliced, but it takes special tools to keep the sheilding intact and working properly. You can get the combo tool at Radio Shack If I remember, the coax on a gps is smaller in diameter than your run of the mill TV coax, so would require a smaller tool. Don't know where you would get that.

Hope this helps,

Chris aka CB-BLR
Thanks Chris. I have the cable coax crimping tool. I'm gonna try West Marine and see what a new antenna will cost.

Jake, could that error code simply be the connection to the GPS or the antenna end be a bit dirty, corrosion?
Like all home DIY's I 've installed vast amounts of lengths and runs of coaxials.

If I have an issue with one, or forget which one goes where, I do the 9v battery test. Remove each end of the cable from what electronis they are plugged into and hook 9v+ to center solid wire and neg to outer grounding sheith/wire.

Go to the other end with your voltage tester. If it shows 9v then you probably don't have a cable issue.

9 out of 10 times problems with any wires is usally at the mounting point. Even if the connector looks good, it may not be. Especially with coax.
Gil, connections looked good, but who knows. :(
Scott, I'll try your trouble shooting method. :)

Jake when you get the new antenna, plug it into the GPS before you pull the wiring through the chase. It just could be an open inside the GPS antenna circuit.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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