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Having a "similar" boat I can tell you waht I am running....

I have a 24 foot boat, 24, 23 and 22 degree deadrise as you work you're way UP from the bottom of the boat, 3" lifting strake at each change. no notch, 6" pad.

My boat is probaby a bit lighter then yours. (1600 with out motor or gas.)

I am 16.5" off the transom (remember no notch) and dead even with the bottom of the boat. My boat does some porpoising as well.

I run a 26 trophy which slips a lot with that high of an engine height. My 24 bravo was much better.

I am told to be 2" below the pad, 12-16" of setback.

Have you tried different trim settings to alleviate the porpoise?

I wouldnt go too much higher then 1-2" below the pad you'll start to lose rough water handling IMO.

Some added setback may not be a bad idea....

How fast are you getting now? Is the boat carrying the bow well or are you dragging a lot?

You said you have an optimax with low water pick ups, I assume that to mean you have the torquemaster lower which also has side pick ups?

If its a sport master with JUST low water pickups you need to get rid of it and get a torquemaster.
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