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expedia rip-off

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wow - I almost got taken.

I have to go to Dallas for the day next wednesday on business. I made my flight reservations through expedia after checking farecast.com for the best rates. Expedia's right there with everyone else when it comes to flight fares so no big deal. At the same time I booked a car thru expedia with Dollar. I was little surprised when expedia came back and said the only thing available was a full size luxury car at $66/day + $24 in taxes, but I was kind of rushed at the time and booked it.

Last night Karen and I are watching the news and one of the local Philly reporters starts mentioning websites that have lots of hotels, restaurant and rental car discount coupons so I hop on one of them today and wind up getting the same car using the coupon for $21.95/day + $13 in taxes from Dollar.

I guess it pays to shop around!
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I just had to deal with American Airlines for my 10 year old. I flew him in from Dallas yesterday. Anyway, I was shopping around on the internet and found a nonstop round trip for $294.00. But because he is an unaccompanied minor you have to buy from the Airline!! Cost me almost $700.00 for the same damn flight! Go figure!! It was worth it though, he is hear until the end of July! Looking forward to getting him out on the boat this year. Didn't have it running while he was here last year!
WOW, one third the cost... great coupon! :vcol:
I must say that I ran into problems with Expedia. I bought tickets and did not UnCheck a box that is automatically checked that signs you up for some travel program. When reviewing my bank statements I found that i was paying 14.99 for something I never wanted. Always check for the hiding box is what I learned.
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