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F/S 00' 29' Baja Outlaw

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great looking boat!
It is a great looking boat. But wow... you don't think your over priced?
Not at all. I have a couple offers already so I am close.
wow... Thats awesome. What ya gonna get next?
I am going to take a couple years off...I just had another baby so I now I won't have the time to use it, The only reason it is F/S. What are you running now or looking for? Your old boat was nice!
I also took some time off, and thank god I did with the fuel prices. But its already killing me not to have a boat, so I am looking a little. I will be more serious next winter probably. Looking in the lower 30 ft range, possibly another 38 or 37ish boat.

Looking at 33 AVS's, 32 Sunsations, and 37 Active Thunders.

The only reason I asked about your price is because everyone is selling for low ball prices, and there is also a 33 Outlaw in the classifieds that is similarly priced/equiped, little older I guess.
I priced it for what I thought it is worth, as you know it always goes down not up.... I talked with someone who knows the other 29 listed and they said it is nice but no where near mine, what I was told so nothing against it. I also have over $10,000 into the motor upgrades alone with no hrs on them.
Well Sale pending it looks like it is going to "Oh Canada" on Tuesday am! It will be final when I have the $$ in hand.....
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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