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Finaly, the Bertram 38 is going to Miami

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I am hooked up and ready to roll, it took 3 differant attempts with trucks to pull it out of my land, ended up useing a loader to move my Bertram on my land in the pooring rain tonight.
Wow, I am bushed.
Tomarrow I will list pictures of it in current condition.
Solo :pirate:
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Looking forward to see the pics
I drove past your boat about 1:30 yesterday. I just got a glance, but I thought I saw someone else by your boat.

I hope Kurt has left already, because as hard as it's raining right now, he'll be able to launch the boat in his lot! :eek:
YAY KURT!!!!! Whatcha gonna do in Miami?

By the way.. long time no talk~ call me!
What a pain in my @ss. this is going to kill me yet.
I am leaving in 1 hour. here I come Miami.


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Still have steering to install, and the exhaust tips and hoses.
But I will over come.
Later on Folks.
Solo :pirate:
hope you got new bearings and tires on that rig. :rolleyes:
I heard from someone else that he made it down there.
I am Home now from Sunny Isles event this weekend, wow. Awesome boats and awesome people to be around.

I can only say thanks to all.

I never got to run her, just not enough time in a day to complete for race.


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Ehaust and gas tank fills where still needed beside the damn steeering hoses to ram on drives. Oh well.
Next time I will run her.


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Thanks for the pics !

BTW: I think that VW Beetle in the backround could maybe fit on one of your trim tabs ! ;)
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